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Akasha is a vampire whom Jasper Hale met in 1912. She showed him the better sides of feeding and made him what he was. She returned to London looking for Malachai, her lover. He was the one who turned her so they could be together forever. She was the thired vampire of Malachai's bloodline. She became Jacob Black Mate and they married she also mated to his brother and his wife

Early History

Akasha is about 5000 years old, as she knew Malachai. This makes her one of the oldest vampires ever sired with Ka'Ren, Ramirus, and Ericos being the only ones known to be older than her. She had fallen in love with Malachai and he turned her so that they could be together forever. A few thousand years after she was turned, Akasha was forced to live alone for more than 900 years without her love.


During this time, she was a professional boxer. One evening, Jasper arrived at the arena and she flirted with him. She later found him feeding on a girl, and told him how to feed properly and have fun as a vampire. She said that women aren't for just food, but also for pleasure, and points out a woman for Jasper to feed on. She influences him to become who he is.


During the the war on Zion she met her mates Jacob Black and his brother and his in law Isabelle Lightwood and became they goddess mate


Akasha is shown in her first moments as being aggressive and cold, viewing humans as food and for pleasure. Akasha likes boxing, betting and earns money doing so. Despite her darker side, she was capable of love in the truest sense as evidenced by the fact that she is still in love with Malachai despite the passing of 900 years. Akasha also believed in living life to the fullest. She believed that her being a vampire was the perfect reason as to why one should relish their time on earth. This is also partly the reason why she wasn't completely faithful to Malachai while he had left her.

Physical Appearance

Akasha was a beautiful and youthful Hybrid Her height is about 5'8" and her build was thin and moderate. She had fair skin with long curly red hair and light blue eyes back in 1912. In the present days she had shoulder-length, wavy hair. In her latest appearance, she wears a long black coat, a black pair of pants, a red shirt, and a pair of black boots.