Alice's Human Life is the story that was lost in fires due to her parents wish that no one know of her insanity...

She woke up one morning and went down to the river, she loved to play with the Faries. Her father, curious about her whereabouts, followed her; assuming she was going mental. He admitted her to a mental hospital where she was barely ever fed and her hair was cut off.

One night, while she cried herself to sleep, one of her fairy friends came into her small cell and kissed her forehead.

"You can escape, Alice, your gift can get you out." The fairy said, she then disapeared.

Alice got up and focused on the gaurd outside of her cell.

She got close, knowing a mouse would run past at anytime in one of the halls down stairs.


The gaurd looked over to the stairs, alice grabbed the keys from his belt, then hopped back into her bed.

The gaurd looked around and fell back asleep.

That night she dreamed of a world, where there were evil blue and green people and a nice little pink man who needed her to save the cherry blossom tree.

The next morning Alice snuck out to the courtyard to find a little boy named Joshie.

Joshie was a small skinny boy with red hair and freckles.

"Are you the fortune telling lady?" he asked.

"Um...i guess so."

"Are you gonna get me out of here?"

Alice looked at the keys she had and then she took the little boy with her over to the big gates.

They were skinny enough to just slip through the bars, so they dropped the keys and ran to the beach.

They camped out there for a year, playing on the beach at night and hiding from the police in caverns near the montains during the day.

One day Alice scenced a person who was thirsty for the strangest thing, she looked around and saw a man with short, blonde hair and red eyes.

"Who are you?"

"Your death"

He rushed over in an inhuman way and bit Alice's neck, sucking her blood until she pushed him away enough to scream for Joshie.

Joshie ran over and hit the man with a board, making the man let go of her and grab Joshie.

He bit Joshie in the neck and sucked him dry while Alice watched in horror from behind a rock.

The man threw Joshie to the side and looked at her, he walked over. She was scared. She ran as fast as she could, getting faster and faster as an icky feeling ran thoughout her body.

Hours later after losing the man but still scared as hell she bumped into a man with perfect features and he took her hand, leading her to the Cullen's house.