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1984; Seattle



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  • Green (as a human)
  • Crimson (as a newborn)
  • Gold (as a vegetarian)
  • Black (when thirsty)
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Seattle newborn army (coven mate)

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Disaster Inducement




Anastasia, nicknamed Anna, is a nomadic vampire who roams alone North America. She was one of the survivors that fled the Seattle newborn army that refused to fight against the Cullens and the Quileute wolves of La Push.


Early life

Anastasia was born and raised by her parents. Her father worked as a bank manager and her mother worked as a nurse. She has two younger brothers and a sister who she loves. After graduating, Anastasia attended college where she wanted to learn modeling. She spent a couple of years in college and started her career as upstage model. Her family was very proud, but her was about to change. After coming out of a bar at around nighttime, she encountered a young man named Riley Biers, a newborn vampire of Victoria's hidden army. Riley pretended to like her, but Anastasia chose to walk away until Victoria leaps down and bites her.

Shortly been turned into a vampire, Anastasia was so confused and she realized that she was surrounded by a couple of newborn vamps that were turned by Victoria. Anastasia remained alone in the corner without been seen. She was very frightened how Riley reacted and began attacking his subordinates. She, like the rest of her army, was told that a coven of yellow-eyed vampires were moving in on them and motivated them to attack the coven. Before they departed for the assault, Riley gave them a sample of Bella Swan's scent, claiming her to be the Cullens' "human pet" and that they can use her scent to find the right coven.

As soon as the army caught Bella's scent, they began to lose focus. Anastasia stood behind and immediately went another way. She refused to serve the army that she wasn't considered to be proper fighter. After the army was defeated by the Cullens and the wolves, Anastasia traveled far north across the woods where she would remain alone. While wondering through the wilderness, Anastasia caught a scent of fresh blood. She followed the trail and found a dead bear that was attacked by a pack of wolves. The wolves already fled, and Anastasia began to sink her teeth into the animal's corpse. There, she became a vegetarian since she finally understood what Riley meant about the yellow eyes. She continued to hunt a couple of animals throughout the woods of Canada until she encountered a group of vampires that were also vegetarian.

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