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Lady Kagaruki Lady Kagaruki 2 May

Other Information

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Lady Kagaruki Lady Kagaruki 2 May

Returning Under New Username

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Kagaruki Kagaruki 9 March 2020


I said it once, and I will say it again. Whoever you are, do not mess with my OC character pages, and or I WILL report you to the proper authorities. Try me!


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Kagaruki Kagaruki 4 April 2019


I shall make this very clear right now. Anyone who wishes to edit my pages needs to contact me and ask me. This Fenrisaige has made more edits to my page and I have told them to stop! If you anyone can help me block them from editing my page then that would be truly helpful. Thank you for your time, Kagaruki. Note: If the editing does not stop then I will report it. 

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Icyz16 Icyz16 1 January 2019

New and sorely confused

So I'm new and I've been rushing around in excitement over all these ideas. But as I try to get some of these sources, I'm just wondering something. Are these fan ideas? Like Rising Sun book and such? Like, where can I read about the russian coven or the greek coven? Who is Cecil and when did he come into the Cullen clan. I might be a straight up idiot, or too sleep deprived to figure this all out but if someone could just clearify all this, it would make my day/night. Is this all fan made stuff cause some of this seems really official, and then other things are really done so . . .. 

Thank you. Sorry for taking up your time. Thank you!

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Chachi Townsend Chachi Townsend 13 December 2018

Twilight the dark horizon

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Kagaruki Kagaruki 18 November 2018

Do Not Change Information On My Page(s)

To anyone who sees this, please do NOT change ANY information on any of my pages without my explicit permission. I do not go around changing your pages, so do not do mine! 

Sincerly, Kagaruki

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Brian lamar Brian lamar 7 August 2016

I have it where I want it to be at alright don't be changed it you put elizabeth Clearwater was the wife of Christian Ozera okay

There a reason Laura Clarke my page are the way they are then look at the vampire academy fanfiction trailers and which actress can her hold her own as rose hathaway and a scene couple with taylor lautner and see actor is the better choice for Adrian Ivashkov and is a scene couple for the actress that can play rebecca and you may not be a fan of the paul imprint on Rachel Black but at it Rachel clam him down when he gets angry Sophie Lahote she younger than sam he happy with emliy young and Sophie may have a crush on sam but when she see eddie castles and imprint on him she do anything for him mason who you see is better choice one that stand toe to toe with julia jones and Dimitri Belikov what can pull off the ascent pau and rachel woul…

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VampBeauty VampBeauty 15 April 2013

Articles of the Month

Hey, I'm VampBeauty and I'm going to start a project for this year. It is about all the diffenert articles on this wikia. I noticed that the most admins are not "really" activ on this wikia, so I decided to make a sort of contest. 

I'm going to spilt it up into, Character, Gift and Coven. 

If you are interested in this contest, then please leave a comment with your Top 3 of, Characters, of Talents and Covens.

Have fun and enjoy your time on this wikia,

your dear friend VampBeauty. :)

P.S. If I have missed one of your characters, please write a message.

  • 1 Covens and Characters
    • 1.1 Amazon Coven
    • 1.2 Anchorage newborn Coven
    • 1.3 Armenian Coven
    • 1.4 Alasdair's Coven
    • 1.5 Belgian Coven
    • 1.6 Brazillian Coven
    • 1.7 British Coven
    • 1.8 Bosnian Coven
    • 1.9 Bulgarian Coven
    • 1.10 Belarusi…

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Mallory16461646 Mallory16461646 13 March 2013

Mal-Chan's Character List

  • 1 Vampires
    • 1.1 Female
    • 1.2 Male
  • 2 Humans
    • 2.1 Female
    • 2.2 Male
  • 3 Quileutes

  • Marilynn Monroe
  • Adelina
  • Deus
  • Kallias
  • Lala
  • Edgar

  • Ashe

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Kellis13 Kellis13 26 January 2013

Character templates

Hey! You can stop using the copy and paste an article too make a coven or a vampire now! It took me a while but, I figured out how to create those templates, without the long...whatever it was, because I got the vampire and character infobox, but with the help of the Twiligh Saga Wiki. KyranEllis (talk) 18:57, January 26, 2013 (UTC)KyranEllisKyranEllis (talk) 18:57, January 26, 2013 (UTC)

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Kellis13 Kellis13 24 January 2013


Who else here thinks that there should be more administrators and definitively more bureaucrats? Because, I do. I mean I would be happy to become one.

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Scarlet hybrid Scarlet hybrid 3 January 2013

Silver moon coven

This is a coven of mostly teens, that study and learn together. We meet whenever we can most of us are bloodletter/vampire we have some wolves/transformers and a few humans. We study all types of magic and "fantasy" things humans can't see. We create circles together and heal those in need. Welcome new comers if they fit in. Covens in Alaska

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Vampire Of the Year Award

Now it is time for you's to award the vampire of the year. Now choose your top 10 and we will take it down to the top 25 vampires. Then the top 15 and then the top 10 then the top 5 then the top 3 and the the winner.

  • 1 Code
  • 2 Covens
    • 2.1 Alaskan Coven
    • 2.2 British Coven
    • 2.3 Croation Coven
    • 2.4 Eoessa's Coven
    • 2.5 Leonhard's Coven
    • 2.6 Nelson's Coven
    • 2.7 German Coven
    • 2.8 Ukraine Coven
      • 2.8.1 Ukraine Newborn Army
    • 2.9 Russian Coven
    • 2.10 Swedish Coven
    • 2.11 Raoul's Coven
    • 2.12 Steve's Coven
    • 2.13 Anchorage newborn Coven
    • 2.14 Makenna's Coven
    • 2.15 Manolo's Coven
    • 2.16 Vatican Coven
  • 3 Nomads
    • 3.1 The American Nomads (partial)
    • 3.2 The South American Nomads (partial)
    • 3.3 The European Nomads (partial)
    • 3.4 Other Nomads (partial)

possesses a quantifiable supernatural talent = *

bonded pair (oldest listed first)…

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