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Bree Tanner is a newborn vampire created by Victoria to be a distraction to the Uley Pack and the Olympic Coven (Cullens) so that she could avenge her deceased mate, James by killing Edward Cullen's mate, Bella Swan. She is one of the few surviving members of the Seattle Newborn Army. She is gifted with the supernatural power of Telekinesis.

She is the main character of The Second Life of Bree Tanner: a novella told from her point of view.


Early Life

On March 11, 1990, Bree Tanner was born in Las Vegas, Nevada to Erica and Donald Tanner. When she was four years old, her father murdered her mother and buried her body in the Nevada desert. He told Bree that her mother had abandoned them.

For the next twelve years, she and her father frequently moved around the country because he feared the police would arrest him for the murder of his wife. This caused Bree to be isolated from others as she never stayed in one place longer than six months.

While passing through Seattle, WA, they encountered Riley Biers. Initially, Riley was after Bree's father to be the newest member of the army but Riley accidentally killed him so took Bree as his replacement.

Her introduction to her coven mates was rather violent with a girl named Jen attack her. The attack triggered her gift/power of Telekinesis. Which she used to throw Jen away from her. She was helped out by another vampire named Fred, whose gift repelled others. Since Fred didn't mind, she stayed near him for safety.

The Second Life of Bree Tanner

The Second Life of Bree Tanner


Breaking Dawn

Physical Appearance

"She was a new one. The girl was curled against a far wall in the warehouse. She was very young. Younger than all of us—she looked maybe fifteen, with long dark hair. Her eyes were wildly looking around at her new coven mates."
—Fred on seeing Bree Tanner for the first time.

Bree is described as being 5'3, with an athletic build and having long waist-length wavy curly dark brown hair. She possesses the bright red eyes indicative of a newborn vampire that were originally brown.

Personality and Traits

Despite being a newly turned vampire, Bree showcased a great maturity and she demonstrated a great deal of self-control by being able to resist the lure of human blood on multiple occasions.

Bree has a love-hate relationship with being a vampire but she has grown use to it. While she loves being supernaturally strong and faster, the constant thirst and needing to feed on humans does bother her.

Growing up with an abusive and neglectful father, Bree took up different hobbies to cope like sewing, crafts, music, reading, and photography.

She was able to see through some of Riley's empty promises and was always careful not to draw unwanted attention to herself.

Like others in the army, she was told that vampire could be killed by wooden stakes and the sun. At first, she believed them like the others until she discovered that they couldn't harm her.

Although she was a member of Victoria's army, she had no real loyalty toward it but merely played along to ensure her own safety.

Powers: Telekinesis

"I have the power to move things with my mind."
—Bree Tanner about her power.

Bree has the powerful ability to influence/manipulate/move things with her mind. She could throw someone away from her or stop them from moving. Over time, her power will evolve to giving her control over a body. Her ability was triggered when Jen attacked her.


Bree was the only child of Erica and Donald Tanner


"I'm going to explore on my own, see the world. Or I was going on my own, but then I thought maybe you might want to come, too. You'd be pretty safe with me. No one will be able to follow us."