"Some adults will try an degrade me just because of my age.... ya know its kind of sad when they end up bowing down to my feet because of my knowledge & talents.... (chuckles) pathetic isn't it."


Corrie, Lionel, Harp was born on October 16, 1990 in St. Louis, Missouri. As a child Corrie was quiet, and didn't really hang out with friends. Corrie had the biggest imagination and would dream about all sorts of things, and later paint them.

One night after Corrie's art sessions, he was on his way home riding his bike. When he was riding his bike, his bike tire got stuck and he tripped and fallen, making him have a blooded knee cap. Corrie had fallen pretty hard, so it took him a while to get up, but when he had gotten up there was a man standing 1 feet away from him. The man looked very pale, with dark red eyes.

Corrie knew something was wrong, but wanted to find out what so he asked the man who he was. The man told him That he was predator and that corrie was prey, that's when corrie tried to run, but the man already had Corrie in his mouth. Corrie was left burning in agony from the male vampire's venom, with no one to save him.

3 days later corrie woke up as a vampire, and knew he could never go back to his family or the life he had.

Corrie spent the first days as a newborn by himself, not having anyone to guide him or understand his pain. Corrie decided to travel to to Kansas City , just because he was bored. While traveling though Kansas City, Corrie saw a man stab a teen boy be hide a alley, which made Corrie furious, thinking about when his creator said he was prey and that he’s the predator. The man had already stab The boy, but Corrie killed the man, and right before he did he told the man that he was predator and the man was his prey. The teen boy was bleeding to death, but Corrie didn’t want him to die, so he told him he would make him like himself. The boy took corrie’s offer so Corrie changed him, this boy was named Damon.

After Damon awoken as a newborn, him and Corrie become very close, like brothers. Corrie made his own diet and Damon followed him as well. They only drank animal blood, and only sinister humans blood. Corrie and Damon both traveled to Springfield, Missouri, for more hunting areas.

One night Corrie and Damon were near a park, right when they heard a teen girl’s scream. When Corrie and Damon arrived they had seen a group of boys get down raping the teen girl. Out of angry, Corrie somehow made the group of boys heart stop, just by thinking of their deaths. That’s when Corrie found out about his gift. Corrie and Damon rushed over to the teen girl that was crying and bleeding because of the rape. She said her name was Laloa, and that if she dies tell my family I love them. Corrie being emphatic, feeling her pain, told Laloa that he was gonna help her, change her. She accepted Corrie’s offer so Corrie turned Laloa.

When Laloa woke up as a newborn, she couldn’t stop thanking Corrie for her new life, and just like Corrie and Damon, they became close like brother and sister. Corrie never felt this type of love being towards him, and was very glade with his decisions.

Later own Corrie started developing his gift, which now let’s him bring his imagination into reality with mental or physical effects.

Powers & Abilities

"Just when I thought learning combat skills from jasper was hard, corrie exceeds our whole coven in combat.... Moving swiftly like a snake and having the techniques of a MMA fighter and boxer."
Bella on practicing with Corrie

Corrie was the strongest and fastest in his coven, making him even more deadly than he is. Edward noted that he was the only one that could beat him because of his ability, which he used to lock Edward's gift.

His strength was on pare with Emmett's, but used it to a greater extent since he doesn't rely on brute strength like Emmett does. Jasper said when fighting against him was one of his hardest fights every, saying that he moves like a snake similar to Victoria and that he moves so quickly that he appears as a blur which is weird he said because he should be able to see his movements with his vampire instincts.

"What can he do?"

"Something Eleazar's never seen before. Something I've never heard of. Something that even Bella's shield would do nothing against. He can actually produce the things he imagines into reality, whether its mental or physical he can do it... He's in a league of his own"
Edward on Corrie's gift

Most gifted vampires are mental types or physical types. But Corrie gift was both mental and physical, making him a metaphysical type vampire, the rarest of his kind.

Corrie can create or manipulate just about anything. He has no limitation to what he can do, and a lot of what he can do is still unknown to him.



{{Quote|When talking to him he is such a understanding person and doesn't judge anyone's situation, but only gives advice and ways to coup with them...... He's kind of like the vampire therapist.|Bella on Corrie]]

Corrie is similar to carlisle in a way when it comes to caring for others. He is also perceived by others as a strategist, calm collective person, always having the upper hand. If he feels things are becoming a drag or to serious he uses his gift to direct a peaceful outcome.

Corrie is not the type of person to hate something, but if you look low upon younger vampires he will make you feel differently... literally. He doesn't say to much around people, he listens first to see what others are about.

New moon

"You know before I thought looking over you was gonna be a drag..... but it was quite interesting ya know"
Corrie to Bella

Its been four months later since Corrie had been changed into a vampire. Corrie couldn't stand to be in Missouri knowing that he could never visit his family again, making him come into a deep depression, so he began to travel around states and visit cities, and he just arrived in forks. Corrie first came into contact with the Cullens while Jasper, Emmett, and Edward were hunting, which was an intense first encounter but at the end became good friends.

After the incident that happened at Bella's birthday party, the Cullens decided to leave forks and Edward left Bella so that she wouldn't have to constantly keep getting hurt. Before Edward left Corrie was just about to travel back to Missouri, but Edward asked a favor of Corrie to watch over Bella because a lady named Victoria was planing to avenge her lovers death by killing Bella. Carlisle made arrangements for Corrie to attend Forks high, and Alice made sure Corrie had fresh new cloths and a key to the house. 

Corrie watched over Bella day & night, watching her look as lifeless and depressed as he was when he had nobody after being turned into a vampire. Edward told corrie not to go into contact with Bella so that she doesn't think of him that much, but Corrie couldn't bare to see her like this so he used his gift to change the color of his eyes so she wouldn't notice he was a vampire. Walking in the lunch room at Forks high, corrie see's Bella sitting by herself at a table that he smelled the scent of the  Cullens previously being there. Corrie sat with Bella and he began to introduce himself to her. After that him and Bella started hanging out a lot becoming good close friends.  

Bella introduced Corrie to Jacob, which was a very awkward first start but he and Jacob became good friends. Bella invited Corrie, Jacob and mike newton ( friend from school) to the movies. During the movies Mike became sick because of having the flu which me and Jacob chuckled at. Jacob noticed Bella was down because of the Edward leaving situation, and how he would never hurt her like he did, which made corrie annoyed but he remembered that Edward said he wanted her to live a normal life, so he didn't take it to heart. When Mike announced he was sick and needed to go, Jacob started to get pissed out of the blue, and Corrie began to notice a change happening in Jacob which made Corrie worry. 

Corrie and Bella met up to go see what was wrong with Jacob because he was ignoring all of our calls. When they both arrived at Jacob's house he was walking towards the woods to a group of tall built men, which corrie instantly knew that something was different about them. Corrie was behind Bella while her and Jacob were talking, and the conversation started to get heated and Jacob kept staring at Corrie with a rude look and told Bella that he knew the  Cullens were not humans, but vampires.Corrie pretended to be shocked, and Bella denied it but Jacob said to Corrie that he knew what he was talking about because he was one, and Bella looked at Corrie with a confused shocked face. Jacob said he's goodbyes and told them both to never come around or they'll get hurt. 

After that Bella yelled and asked Corrie how come he didn't tell her and he proceeded to tell her it was a favor to look over her while the Cullens were gone and to protect her from Victoria. Bella calmed down and apologized to Corrie for yelling, but he told her that he understands why she was upset and that he's been watching over her for a very long time since Edward left.  

The next day they both went into the woods were Bella's and Edward favorite laying spot was. When they got there the flowers and beautiful grass that Bella described wasn't there which made Bella even sadder,bending towards the ground. Corrie lifts Bella from the ground and confronts her with a hug. As Corrie was hugging Bella he rushes her behind him, telling her to stay put because he noticed a vampire's scent in the area. when the vampire showed it's face Bella knew who he was..... Laurent. Corrie hiding Bella behind his back, he asked what was the reason for being here, and his intentions. He said he was doing a favor for Victoria, checking to see if Bella was still under the protection of the Cullens and corrie cut him off saying she was under his protection and that he should go. Laurent chuckled and said he couldn't stand a mere child talking to him as if he was at Corrie's level, and that he was gonna kill Bella because he was thirsty. Before that could happen a group of giant wolves came out from the woods into the open field, which made Laurent run away out of fear. Corrie quickly tossed Bella on his back and dashed out of there. 

Later that night corrie and Bella were studying at Bella's place in her room, and kept hearing pebbles being thrown at the window. Corrie went towards the window to check it out, only to find out that it was Jacob. Telling Corrie to step back, Jacob uses acrobat moves to enter Bella's room window. Corrie was shocked from having sensed the same scent from the wolves earlier on Jacob.