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Dacian Coven
Founding information

Proto-Dacia (now Romania)

Founded by

Dacian and Danutza

  • Dacia clan
  • The Dacians
  • Dacian family
  • Roman family
  • The Ancients
Membership information
Former members
Special characteristics
Special abilities

Leading coven in Proto-Dacia


The Dacian Coven, most commonly known as the Roman family, was a vampire enemy clan of the Volturi. It was formed by Romanian members Dacian and Danutza 1000 years after the Volturi's rise of power. Shortly after the Cullen family's trial, the coven's members then took their coven and joined the Romanians again.


The Dacian Coven was formed by Dacian and Danutza Roman to destroy the Volturi as they destroyed the Romanian Coven. But after a thirty year war, most of the Romanian Coven was destroyed and the remaining members were forced into hiding, only to return to ally the Cullens in their struggle against the Volturi.

Early History

Around 810 AD, Dacian and Danutza, their daughter with another vampire created the Dacian coven after leaving their nearly massacred coven. Originally it was created when Dacian created Danutza and ruled over many vampires. But they soon joined the Romanians to gain more power and security.


Name Full Name Born Turned Perpetual Age Special Ability
Dacian Roman Dacian Roman Before 10000 B.C.
in Proto-Dacia
Before 10000 B.C.
by Vol
28 Ability Obtainment
Danutza Roman Danutza Roman in Dacia Before 3000 B.C.
by Dacian Roman
27 Mental shield and Physical Shield
Dacitza Roman Dacitza Cardric Roman Before 3000 B.C.
in Dacia (now Romania)
Born human/vampire hybrid Tactile Thought Projection and Shield penetration
Stefania Luca Stefania Talia Luca Before 600 AD
in Romania
Around 600 AD
by Dacian Roman
18 Tactile telepathy
Vandici Roman Vandici Roman Around 780 AD
in Romania
Around 790 and 800 AD
by Stefania Luca
Loana Roman Loana Anne Roman 767 AD
in Dacia
780 AD
by Dacian Roman
Marius Roman Marius Witlock Roman 767 AD
in Dacia
by Dacian Roman
23 Relationship identification

Former Members

Name Image Born Turned Perpetual Age Died Special Ability
Zsófi Valenka Profile.png Around 840 AD
in Romania
Around 810 AD
by Dacian Roman
30s Around 810 AD
by the Volturi



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Egyptian Coven

Main article: Egyptian Coven

The Egyptian coven is the ruling coven in Egypt and was one of the oldest vampires in existence until the Volturi almost wiped out the entire coven, leaving Amun and Kebi alive, as well as a few others that left the coven. The Egyptians and the Romanians, the original coven that Dacian and Danutza were a part of, had a fierce rivalry and fought a "power" war, a war between the two covens to see which one has the most gifted members and more power.

After the Egyptians had been defeated, the Romanians were the next target of the Volturi's, which led to the almost destruction of the Romanian coven and Dacian and Danutza leaving the Romanians to create the Dacian coven a second time.


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