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Donald Tanner is father of Bree Tanner uncle of Fred, the brother of Frederick Tanner, husband of Erica Tanner and husband of convenience to Leah Clearwater .


Donald Tanner was born in December 1960 to Frederick Nathaniel Tanner Jr and Bridgette Tanner (nee Taylor). He had an older brother named Frederick. The age difference and some family issues meant he wasn't close to his brother or parents.

While working a construction job in Las Vegas, he met a waitress named Erica. The two felt an instant connection and married after knowing each other for a few months. They found themselves expecting a baby girl shortly after their marriage.Things were going great until a distracted semi-truck driver hit them. Erica died during surgery but their daughter Bree Tanner survived. Donald survived as well but suffered from a lifetime of health issues.

Around 1998, Donald noticed that his health was rapidly declining and recollected to Seattle, WA to see specialists that could help him. They could at least make him more comfortable but he had a limited amount of time before he would die. Wanting to keep his daughter out of the foster system, he tried to get into contact with his parents and brother to only find them dead.

Out of desperation, he proposed marriage to a random woman he met. He would pay for her college along with a lump sum of money if she would be his daughter's legal guardian until her 18th birthday.

The random woman was Leah Clearwater, whose world was imploding with her fiance Sam leaving her for her cousin Emily along with her parents being okay with it and her brother suddenly leaving her side to suppose Sam and Emily.

Wanting to get away, she agreed and married Donald.

He died in the June 2005.