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Elliot was a vampire who is a member of The British Coven and has a beautiful mate named Emily. He is a gifted vampire, like so many of his coven's members, having the power to create false relationships between people.


Early Life

Elliot was a college student along with his then-

friend Emily.

Rising Dawn

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Elliot first appeared in Rising Dawn where he arrives to Forks, Washington to aid the Cullens in dealing with the Volturi. He and his mate, Emily held hands together since they were afraid of whats coming. During the Second Confrontation with the Volturi, Elliot and Emily charged first against the enemy until they were both decapitated by Orco, who was later killed by Louise.

Physical Appearance


Powers and Abilities: Relationship Manipulation

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Elliot can influence the emotional ties of others, though skilled in his ability, it is less pronounced than Chelsea's gift


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Emily is Elliot's mate