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Emily is a vampire and a member of the British coven. She has a mate named Elliot, who is also gifted.


Early Life

Emily was born around 1806, through her childhood, she went through an evacuation following the start of World War 1, she went to live with her aunt and uncle in Scotland but moved back a few years later after the war was over. She studied at a London college through her later years from 18 and came across Aldan, a man working in psychology, and over the months, they fell in love and married each other. Emily found Aldan cheating on her and divorced him straight away. Back at college, she met Elliot, another student who had a crush on her for years but wasn't confident with speaking to her.

Emily and Elliot soon started dating, on one of their dates, Aldan appeared and stabbed Elliot and almost killed her until Gabriel smelled the blood. He killed Aldan, and then bit Elliot. Joseph arrived a short time later and was amazed that both Emily and Elliot were gifted in some way. Gabriel offered Emily a new life, a fresh new start with Elliot, and she accepted.

Rising Dawn

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Emily first appeared in Rising Dawn where she arrives to Forks, Washington to aid the Cullens in dealing with the Volturi. Emily and Elliot held hands and began to hang out with Renesmee Cullen, Alice Cullen, Charlotte, Bella, Valorie, Jules, and Aubrey. During the Second Confrontation with the Volturi, Emily and her mate charged first against the enemy until they were both decapitated by Orco, who was later killed by Louise.

Physical Appearance

Emily has long brown hair that comes down to her sides, she has full lips and burgandy coloured eyes showing her diet of both human and animal blood.

Powers and Abilities: Sedative Inducement

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Like so many of the vampires in Gabriel's coven, Emily is gifted. Her power works as a sedative illusion that causes her targets to become unconcious


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