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Fred is a nomadic vampire created by Victoria for her newborn army. He is gifted with the supernatural talent of Physical Repulsion, and is one of the few survivors from the Seattle newborn army.


Early Life

Fred was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in April 1, 1985. When he was ten, his parents divorced and he was raised by his father. After the divorce, his mother remarried, had three children and rarely saw Fred. He had a nonexistent relationship with his father as he was a workaholic and had very little time for Fred.

As a kid, he had a hard time making friends as his father's job had them moving around a lot. Always being a new student and his lack of social skills made him a target for bullies so he found comfort in computers.

By the age of 15, Fred had graduated from high school and received a scholarship to Stanford University. By 18, his father was dead and he had his degree in computer programming.

In 2005, Fred spent most of the summer camping in remote locations along the Oregon and Washington coast. Sometime in August, Riley discovered Fred's campsite and figured that his disappearance would go unnoticed because of the remote location. Riley forcefully took him to Victoria, who turned him into a vampire against his will.

Even though he was a newborn vampire, Fred displayed remarkable self-control over his bloodlust and didn't partake in the destructive behavior of his fellow coven mates.

After being turned, Fred developed a powerful gift that repelled others. This gift kept him alive as it prevent his violent coven mates from being able to touch him. Due to his gift, members the coven began calling him "Freaky Fred".

Since Fred was turned, everyone avoided him until Riley brought Bree Tanner to the coven. Unlike the others, Bree didn't actively avoid him and would sit near him. Since she was quiet and never bothered him, he let her stay near him. Overtime, they started a friendship.

The Second Life of Freaky Fred

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