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Helki Durand, Co-Leader of the French coven

Helki Durand (born on 5th of May 1682 as Helki Deline Duand).

In 1682,she was born in Nantes, France to Nicole Durand and Raphael Durand. She was the second youngest out of four.


In 1682, She was born in Nantes, France to a family of four. The Durand family was well off and well known among the French nobility. As she grew older she began to attract the attention of many males, and was courted regularly, sometimes by higher nobles. Her family, her father in particular, encouraged her to accept these profitable marriage offers. Helki chose to led on her suiters, in hopes of gaining enough reputation in order to be counted by a member of the monarchy. Eventually, she caught the eye of the nephew of the king, Alois, and was secretly courted by him. He was already engaged to another lady of the lesser nobility, but following her families advice, she pushed to be married as soon as possible and eventually, Alois broke off his previous engagement and proposed to Helki, officially announcing their countship. However, the family of the scorned lady accused Helki's mother of witchcraft and planted the evidence to have her tried and burned at stake. Alois broke off the engagement and her father killed himself shortly afterward. Her sisters left for Italy, to avoid the same fate as their mother. Her brother, Victor took her in, but his wife forced her into becoming a scullery maid, to earn her keep. Even as a scullery maid, her beauty and wit still did not go unnoticed, and Victor was worried that she was end up being accused as a witch and sully the family name further. He framed her as a thief and ordered her out of his house on the pain of death. She wandered the streets until she stumbled across Andre and Keller Martion while they were hunting. Andre offered to make a vampire after she told them her story. Keller refused to change her, so Andre did the deed. When she woke, she was introduced into the vampire world. She took to it easily, and soon learned about her ability to manipulate others. She hid it from her makers, fearful of losing her only lifeline. Her relationship with Keller became strained as the older vampire envied her beauty and talent. Helki eventually learned about the Romanians and wanted to overthrow them, as she saw them a chance to gain the power she had lost in her moral life . She realized that she couldn't with Andre and Keller, as they were too stuck in their ways and decided to kill them. She so quickly, while she was a newborn and strong, she managed to kill Andre, but Keller's ability to predict any danger to herself stopped Helki from killing her.

Physical Appearance

"But even those who loathe her admit that she has a dramatic allure. Her copper complexion and raven dark hair give her an extraordinary aura with a powerful allure essential to beauty. Her dark ruby eyes are especially striking: deep and beautiful and she knows how to use them with effect." - Finley describing Helki to a newborn Jade.

Helki has a long, curvaceous frame. She has a beautiful heart-shaped face with full red lips, high cheekbones, with eyes the color of sparkling rubies, and long, curling, raven-wing's black hair. Her beauty has been said to rival that of Heidi and Rosalie.

She stands at 5'6" and has smooth, flawless skin the color of burnished copper. She moves gracefully, said to be as fluid as water, with being her voice described to be the singing of angels.

Like all vampires, she possesses granite-hard skin, when in sunlight, she sparkles as if thousands of diamonds were embedded in her skin. 


"People are powerless in the face of destiny. It is only when we are tossed about by our fate that we know how truly weak we are. But, there is always a way for those strong to seek it." - Helki

Helki is often described as independent, strong, and free-spirited, but she also described as being narcissistic and self-centered. Although she feeds on human blood, Helki does respect human life to a degree. She's can be gentle and considerate with people.

She treasures the idea of being one of the most powerful being in all of existence, and sometimes will go out of her way to show it. She can easily flip a switch that make her from the happiest, most supportive person in the world, to the worst and downright ruthless being on the planet. However, she doesn't needlessly cause pain when she feeds. She feeds on animals most time and encourages her coven to the same, but she doesn't have level of respect that the Cullens have for humans. She can be manipulative and has no problem using her ability for her own ends. She is fierce when protecting her coven and friends and doesn't hesitate to elimate any threats to her or her family.


Love Interests


Finley is Helki's mate and husband. He is co-leader of the French coven with Helki. He is the opposite of Helki, kind, gentle, and supportive. He is a fair leader and a supportive mate. He often tries to get Helki to open up and be caring to others. He first meant Helki when she was wandering the French countryside, looking for Keller, who had escaped when she tried to kill her. He offered to teach her more about the vampire life. She accepted and they traveled together, slowly falling in love. He eventually told her his feelings, which she returned. They continued to travel together, when they came across a dying Nadia, who had been mugged. Finley turned her and when her transformation was complete, she joined their coven. Now, he helps Helki run the coven and he tries to help her become a more open and caring person.


Alois was Helki's fiancé. He had strong romantic feelings for her, but these were not reciprocated by Helki, who saw him as a tool for her personal gain.

French coven

Helki is the co-leader of the French alongside her mate, Finley. Finley is the founder of the coven and Helki joined soon after. She will do anything to protect her coven from harm and is quick to elimate any threats to her family.


Finley is Helki's mate and the co-leader of the coven. They both care deeply for each other, with Finley balancing out Helki's more violent tendencies.


Nadia was the first vampire to join the French coven. Turned by Helki after a brutal mugging, she is the peacekeeper of the coven, and is the acting leader for the coven when Helki and Finley leave for their romantic getaways.


Turned by Finley, Helki was wary of him, but slowly began to form a relationship with him. He is incredibly loyal to her and Finley.


Jade was dying of a choric illness when Helki came across her. She impulsely turned her, taking pity on her. Jade is enterally grateful to Helki for a second chance at life.


Royal was a nomad who happened across the coven while they were hunting. He was still newly turned and clueless in all but the basics of vampire culture. Helki saw potential within him and allowed him to join the coven.


The youngest member of the French coven, Helki has a strong maternal bond with her. She is overtly protective of her.

Bree Tanner

Helki pities Bree and how poorly she played the hand life dealt her. She argued to the Volturi that Victoria was to blame for the newborn army and since she was dealt with, it made no sense to punish Bree. The Volturi allowed her to take in Bree, as long as regular updates on Bree's progress were delivered to the Volturi, Helki agreed and made Bree an temporary coven member.

Special Abilities

Like other vampires, Helki has superhuman speed, superior strength, enhanced reflexes, graceful movements, heightened senses, healing factor, and agility. In a snowy environment, she can move so gracefully that her feet are almost soundless.

Mind manipulation

"Everything changed in a instant. I no longer felt anything or cared. The world was devoid of color. A greater presence had taken over. And serving that presence was all that mattered." - One of Helki's victims.

Helki has the ability to control a person's mind and thoughts, though she has control over their actions. She can force someone's mind to bend to her will and through their thoughts she can indirectly influence their body. Someone with a extremely strong will can break free of her complement, vegetarian vampires are harder to control as most have iron wills due to their choice of diet, such Carlisle. As her ability is purely mental, Bella's shield can break and block it.