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"Half one,

half another. The best of both." - Aro's comments on hybrids.

Hybrids are unions of different species. It doesn't matter, as long as the creature were once human or is human, can the creation of a hybrid be made. It is stated that the mother must to be physical strong enough have Hybrid kids: Megan Eve, Angelo, Tamal, Tamal's good friend Nahuel, his sisters, Serena, Jennifer, Maysun, Eve's mother and sister,Rasmus Esther, Andy, the rest of her Hybrid pack, Damien and Remy his grandparents Jacob Black x Rose Hataway Lissa Dragomir Embry Call Isabelle Lightwood David Black Maggie are all hybrids of different kinds, and some are more common then others. The most powerful and common types of hybrid are Vampire/Werewolf hybrids.

Types of Hybrids

Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid

A Hybrid between a Child of the Moon (werewolf) and a Vampire, are the most common and powerful of all hybrid kind. They can be the most emotional, being combined with two species that have always been natural enemies, and are the most powerful supernatural creatures in existence.. Vampire-werewolf hybrids possess two werewolf kind of forms. Hybrid and wolf form. The regular werewolf form resembles that of a normal werewolf and is always the most uncontrollable, but the Hybrid form differs. Sinces werewolves are more dominate then vampires, hybrid forms resembles a Werewolf in appearance. However, the face is only slightly elongated and they stay the same height instead of grow into 7-to-9 foot creatures.. Vampire-werewolf hybrids also have little to no fur in hybrid form and normally have blueish-grey or brown skin. They have large claws like a werewolf, and the animalistic posture of a Werewolf too. This hybrid type is the most powerful and common. Originally they were the rarest, but thanks to the third Original Hybrid of this breed, Eve Lydias, they're the most popular. However, Angelo Ciro is the alpha or first Original of the sub-race.



Vampire-Angel/Demon Hybrid

A Hybrid between an Angel/Demon and a Vampire are the second most powerful hybrids in the world. While stronger than vampires, and non-hybrid beings, they are still subjective to vampire-werewolf hybrids and it seems a hybrid of this species is violently uncommon.

Vampire-Shapeshifter Hybrid

Mori-shapeshifter's are a rare hybrid species created by breeding a male vampire with a female shapeshifter. They are very hard to encounter, due to the fact most vampires and shapeshifters are mortal enemies and that female shapeshifter can't bear children Remy Liebe is the only known hybrid besides his grandparents:Jacob Black x Rose Hataway And his godmother Maggie whom was turned while in heat and having sex with Fenris became a Hybrid full time after she can gave birth to daughter Alyssa and Tanya turn into a hybrid when she became pregnant with Grau's son kyran. Nik who bit his Imprint Eva became a Hybrid then bit Rosalie and Emmett cullans then Leah Clearwater & Mason Ashwood was now Hybrids​ themselves.


Half Wolf and Half Vampire they are the most powerful race of creatures who are Celtics there have been stories of how they came to be but one of them is true

"Long ago i have now idear how it went but my great-grandfather said to my father this, there was a evil Wizard named Mucinior he was the must powerful druid he greened so much power he would kill any one or make them full him those how did follow him became his workers, some of the druids become so outraged with him they kicked him out and his followers but that evening the gods and the druids cast a spell on Dead Pond or Black lake as the water all was turns black when you look at it, when mucinior retuned he went to the lake and as he drink the water he was told by the gods if he drank the water he would be even more powerful but when he drank the water he noticed the sky turning into night and the moon shinnying he then turned into a beast of the night or better now as a werewolf that can not be killed by sliver bullets, when he came into Little Ivywood village he would kill and use his power of evil. at one day the gods saw Bathilda who was a wolfblood and Cadogan who was a Vampire they both fell in love and Azerrad was born making him the first hybrid and was made to kill Mucinior and anyone who became a werewolf"
—Cleon telling Bella.

They can not get killed just like shapeshifters they can come out in day or night they are aloud to have male or female alphas and are aloud to have many betas, Thirds and Omegas they can breed with any creature but they can not imprint. They are all over the world they can Communicate with they Ancestors. They can died of old age but they can live for every, Azerrad died around when the romans came after he sacrificed him self to save his people and his family as well as his pack and give the alpha to his son Azerrad II and his daughter Katharina the alpha of her own pack after she married Toirdhealbhach Ó Críodáin who was the king of scotland. They do have lines but they is a line that has been around a lot longer then the Black line, Uley line, Forge line, Ateara line, Clarke line, Alexander line ect. they before to live outdoors then inside but they will chose to live indoors if the wish. Azerrad's wolf sprit and Alpha powers was transferred to Jacob Black who became a ultra Alpha They live all of the world to protect humans they have laws that they have to follow. the known half-bloods are Alexandra Pendragon, Alan Zapata, Eleanor Jensen, Gonzalo Amariles and Agnella Cristine Musso. you