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Jackson Guerrero is a main character, protagonist and a wolf-shifter on Twilight. Jackson is a childhood friend of Jacob, Rachael and Rebecca Black. Jackson is a member of Ember Moon pack, and Jackson went to school with Bella Swan and Jacob Black. Later, it was revealed that Jackson is a wolf-shifter and Jackson triggered his gene in 2006. Jackson is the son of Michael and Samantha Guerrero, the older twin brother of Chris Guerrero. Jackson is also the nephew of Aiden Guerrero, who is also a wolf-shifter and the direct cousin of Tony and Jane Guerrero.

Jackson is a member of the Guerrero Family and the Ember Moon Pack.


Early history

Jackson was born to Michael and Samantha Guerrero. Through childhood and adolescence, Jackson has always been close to Jacob, Rachel and Rebecca, and Jackson did meet Bella in childhood but they were never that close with each other. When Jackson was 7 years, his family was targeted by vampires that knew of the Guerrero Family secret and Jackson's twin brother and his mother was both killed during the hunt. Jackson and his father was the only survivors of the Guerrero Family and Michael is always there for Jackson, they are very overprotective of each other, since they only have each other. When Jackson was 18 years old, his wolf gene was triggered in January 2006 and his father helped him with his wolf powers. Jackson has been hunting vampires with father since he triggered his wolf gene, Jackson and Michael made a truce with the Olympic Coven and the Shape-shifters packs. During childhood, Jackson was the best friend of Jacob Black and Alyssa Marshall, a casual friend of Bella Swan and the sworn brother of Cole Hunter.

Physical Appearance

Jackson is extremely attractive with his russet skin, dark black hair and dark brown eyes. Jack has an extremly strong built and is 6'0.

As a wolf, his fur is dark grey, and he has the typical glowing yellow eyes that comes with being a wolf-shifter.

Jackson often wears a green and black leather jacket, and he has long black pants and a pair of dark black shoes.


Jackson is shown to be very laid back, tough and very protective over his father and friends as well. Jackson is shown to hate vampires very much, because of the death of his mother and twin brother. Jackson is very caring about his friends, family and wolf pack as well, and Jackson does seem to get along with the Cullen family, even those they are vampires. Jackson is very helpful to werewolves, shape-shifters and his fellow wolf-shifters and Jackson will only help certain vampires like the Cullen Family and other vampires that are allies of Bella. Jackson likes to travel with other wolf-shifters and Jackson is very loyal to his pack.

When Jackson was very young, he was a very nice kid that would always help his parents around the house and Jackson is very energetic as a little kid and he would always play with his twin brother a lot. Jackson likes to jog with his father and they both enjoyed training with each other a lot. Jackson is shown to dislike anyone that is a vampire besides Bella and the rest the Cullen Family.


Super Strength - Jackson is a wolf-shifter, which makes physically stronger than humans, supernatural hunters, shape-shifters and other wolf-shifters. He can match a vampire in his wolf form and he has killed and defeated a bunch of vampires. Jackson was able to snap vampires necks with ease, Jackson is also able to toss humans and hunters easily. Jackson is the strongest member of the Ember Moon pack.

Super Speed - Jackson is very fast in wolf and human form. Jackson is faster than most Super creatures, and he is faster than some of the Shape-shifters and some vampires as well. Jackson is very fast in his human and wolf form. Jackson was able to catch and kill a random vampire.

Super Agility - Jackson can jump, climb and move without being tired. Jackson is able jump and climb trees with ease, and Jackson doesn't get tired at all that much. Jackson can jump high than a lot humans in his school.

Accelerated Healing: Jackson is able to snap all his bones back into place after being broken and have been seen to be unphased by injuries from gunshots, stab wounds, and torso impalement. This makes him very hard to kill. Jackson can recover from nearly any wound besides that caused from silver, which effects Jackson the same as conventional weaponry effects humans. If Jackson lose a limb, he can stitch it back on and it will heal back to the body, but the limb will be weak for a couple days.

Super Senses - Jackson has extremely acute senses, even in human form. Jackson can also smell things such as fear. He can hear people's heart beats, and he can sense werewolves, vampires, supernatural hunters and shape-shifters.

Longevity - After Jackson triggered his wolf gene, he started to age slower than a average human, and Jackson is immune to sickness, viruses and other things that can kill a human. Jackson can only be killed by getting his heart ripped out, fire and getting his head cut off. Jackson doesn't age anymore compare to humans, who age.

Shifting - Wolf-Shifters turn into enhanced wolves at will increasing their powers to they're peak, and making them extremly dangerous to vampires. They can partially shift well in human form, eye colour changing and growing fangs and claws, and this increases their abilities to that well they're in their wolf form.


Jackson is the son of Michael and Samantha Guerrero. Jackson is the twin brother of the Chris Guerrero, and they had a very close bond before his brother died. Jackson is the childhood friend of Jacob Black and Alyssa Marshall, he is a member of the Ember Moon pack. Jackson is the first cousin of Jade and Tony Guerrero.

Michael Guerrero

Michael's is Jackson father and they shared a very close bond. Jackson and Michael has always been very close, and they both are wolf-shifters. Jackson and Michael are very overprotective of each other, and they will kill any vampire that harm them. Jackson and Michael did mourned the death of Samantha and Chris Guerrero. They will always protect each other from any supernatural creatures that will harm their family no matter what. Jackson and Michael are currently patrolling the town in their wolf forms to look for vampires.

Alyssa Marshall

Alyssa Marshall's is Jackson childhood friend and his girlfriend. Alyssa is a witch of the Marshall Family, and they shared a very close bond as well. Alyssa and Jackson has known each other since childhood, and they always had a crush on each other. Alyssa and Jackson started dating in high school, and they shared a close bond and they will always protect each other from any danger. During childhood, they were best friends and Alyssa had a crush on Jackson since they were little.

Ember Moon pack

Jackson is a member of the Ember Moon pack, and Jackson is very close with his fellow wolf-shifters. Jackson is the second-in-command of the pack and the pack respect him very much. Jackson share a very close relationship with his pack members. It's currently unknown how long Jackson been in the pack.

Cole Hunter

Cole Hunter is Jackson's childhood best friend, sworn brother and closest ally. Cole is a supernatural hunter that hunts vampires and other supernatural creatures and they has known each other since childhood. Cole and Jackson has always been very close to each other, and they are sworn brothers as well. Cole supports Jackson relationship with Alyssa Marshall. Jackson, Cole and Jacob gets along pretty well and they will always defend each other from any threat. Cole is Jackson's oldest friend and they have known each other since they were 3 years old. Cole and Jackson met Alyssa, Jacob, Bella, Rebecca and Rachel at the age of 6. Jackson and Cole always have a good relationship, and they always protect each other.


  • Jackson is a member of the Guerrero Family.
  • Jackson hates vampires a lot for killing his brother and mother.
  • Jackson is stronger than most wolf-shifters.
  • Jackson has been a wolf-shifter since January 2006.
  • Jackson can toss vampires and humans with ease.
  • Jackson can run very fast as a vampire.
  • Jackson has a very hard time trusting vampires.
  • Jackson is able to snap vampires necks with ease.
  • Jackson knows that Jacob is shape-shifter, Bella is a vampire and he also knows that his girlfriend, Alyssa Marshall is a witch.
  • Jackson has known Jacob, Bella, Alyssa, Cole and Jacob's sisters since childhood.
  • Jackson is physically stronger than Humans, supernatural hunters, seers and other wolf-shifters. When Jackson is a wolf, he can match both a shape-shifter and vampire at full strength.
  • Jackson is known to be very loyal to his fellow wolf-shifters.
  • Jackson, Michael, Tony and Jade are the only members of the Guerrero Family that are part of the Ember Moon pack.
  • The Guerrero Family are the descendants of the original Ember Moon pack.
  • Jackson is currently dating Alyssa Marshall, who is a witch of the Marshall Family.
  • Jackson's Father, Michael is the current alpha of the Ember Moon pack.
  • Jackson is the current beta of the Ember Moon, and the strongest member of the Ember Moon pack when it comes to physical strength.
  • Jackson is shown to be very kind to Alyssa Marshall and the rest of the Marshall Family.