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Julia Black is the Werewolf daughter of Alexandra Black and Boris Black. Her mother turned her into a vampire between the 1560s and 1590s. She joined the Trans-Siberian Coven with her mother and father shortly after Julia's and Boris' newborn year was over. It wasn't long until Julia had found a mate in the coven, she had become the wife of Ryan Cullen, another vampire. Julia wouldn't leave his side and he wouldn't leave hers. When Carlisle had come to the coven to ask them to be one of their many witnesses for Reneesme Cullen, Julia was the first one to say yes, then Ryan said yes, then Talina, then many others did. After the trial, they returned home and stayed there for the rest of their lives, except for their second honeymoon, which they spent a month on an island off of Rio.


Early Life

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