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Early Life

Born in 1600 to a wealthy and prominent Canadian family in Ontario, Kevin was the only person in his family to go to a law college, unlike most of his family which had gone to politics.

In 1620, Kevin was a sophomore in college when he met Chloé, whom he fell in love with. However, during her nineteenth birthday, she went missing, prompting Kevin to go and look for her. However, Kevin was jumped by two known fugitives and was stabbed several times. Several hours later, just before he was about to die, Chloé came and took him to her residence and turned him into a vampire. The two became mates and eventually became married and created a coven of vampires.

Breaking Dawn

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During the Volturi Confrontation, in Alice Cullen's vision, Kevin is seen taking his wife's hand and swings her around, making her kick Yvette. Kevin and Chloé then pull off Yvette's arms and legs, burning her afterwards. Kevin was then seen battling Renata when Jane used her ability to torture him. However, Kevin then used his ability to block Jane's and got back up and continued to fight and kill Renata.


Chloé Cullen

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Chloé Cullen, Kevin's wife.

Chloé is Kevin's mate and wife.


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Neeve, Kevin's Mates' friend.

Neeve is the friend of his mate, Chloé. Kevin doesn't seem to like Neeve very much, and normaly stays as far as he can from her. He never has and probably never will trust the nomad.

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