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Libby Black (born April 22, 2014; La Push, Washington) is the daughter of Elizbeth Clearwater and Jacob Black. Libby is special because she was a shifter hybrid. When she turned 16, she became a shape-shifter like her father. She is a part of her father's pack.


Libby seemed to like human food and blood the same way when she was a hybrid. When she started her transformation to a shapeshifter she puked out a vast amount of blood and was sick until the end of her transformation.

Renesmee's pregnancy

After birth

Physical Appearance

Libby looks alot like her mother Elizabeth except for her eye colour and her skin tone though when she became a shape shifter she still retained a vampire's pale and granite hard skin. She has black hair and olive brown eyes.


Powers and Abilities

When she was a vampire-human hybrid, she had regular abilities such as advanced speed, strength, senses, and endurance. After she became a shapeshifter, she gained other power's such as advanced healing and durability

Wolf form

Mindscape Communication

Libby is also able to communicate telepathically with several people at once. At first, she had telepathy like her grandfather Edward Cullen, and after she became a shape shifter her talent adapted.



  • Libby means 'consecrated to god' in Hebrew.