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Lucas Liebe is a German-Lakota​ nomadic Hybrid and a new member of the Cullen family. He is also the mate of Libby Black, and father of Remy Liebe.

Early Life

Lucas was born on February 14, 1880, to Tamal when he was 20, he was attacked by an unknown vampire, but was saved by a Hybrid. However, because he had lost almost all his blood, he had to be turned into a hybrid to survive. When he woke up after transformation he saw a note from the hybrid telling him what he was and what to do with his new life unaware that it was his grandpa who wrote the note and looks over him.

As a Hybrid

After realizing he was a Hybrid, he was determined not to let it interfere with his life. So, he moved out of his adopted​ parents house and went to college where he studied math and foreign languages, allowing him to speak perfect English. In the year 2028 he met the Cullen's on their trip to Germany. He then instantly fell in love with Libby Black, the shapeshifter daughter of Jacob and Eilzabeth Black, who had also imprinted on him and then became a member of the Olympic coven and also changed to a vegetarian lifestyle.

Physical appearance

Lucas is 6 feet tall and has snow white skin with blond hair. He has blood red eyes from diet of human blood, although his eye color changes to gold after joining the Cullen's.

Powers and abilities

Lucas has normal Hybrid ability's such as super speed, strength, advanced senses and immortality etc.


Lucas has the physical power to manipulate energy, specifically, electricity. This gift is not an illusion but cannot be seen by anyone who is not being affected by it. He is able to shock people, shrowd himself in energy to protect him from physical harm, and absorb energy. Although, there are limits to his talent. When he uses or absorbs to much energy at once he "overloads" and create's a power surge, electrocuting anyone within a vicinity of 10 metres and causing him to temporarily will his gift until he is at maxmum power. He later learns he can also use his power to detect shield's, due to the fact they use electric impulses from the brain to activate.


Lucas is the latin word for 'light'. Interestingly, Lucas can use his power's to make light