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1920; Malta



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Hair color


Eye color
  • Crimson (newborn)
  • Gold (vegetarian)
  • Black (when thirsty)
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Family information
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Special characteristics
  • Basic vampire abilities
  • Self control
Special abilities

Lie Sensory


Leader of her Coven


Makenna is a nomadic vampire from a Maltese family of both humans and vampires. Her mate is named Charles, whom she created herself.



Makenna came from a Maltese family with a very unusual link to vampirism. One of her ancestors, Luca, was converted to vampirism around 400 BC. Luca remained with his family, ensuring his family's prosperity and safety. The next generations grew up with an entirely different perception of vampirism than was usual. A tradition began in the family, where every other century one child would be chosen to join Luca as a protector of the family; Makenna was one of the chosen ones. She looked forward to her fate until she met Charles in Barcelona. Luca told her that she could give up her heritage if she wanted to, but she never did. She told Charles that she was leaving for awhile to pursue some big changes in her life, but promised to come back and that she would understand if he didn't want to wait.

After becoming a vampire, she waited to grow out of her newborn state before going back to Charles and informing him about vampirism. After 3 years of practicing self-control, she changed Charles herself, and they remained mated ever since. They live a nomadic lifestyle for the most part, though Makenna often visits her family. During her visits, she doesn't truly reveal what she is because she fears that she might put them in danger. Since vampires usually drink human blood, Makenna didn't want to feed on people since she truly loves her family as well as herself. She decided to feed on wild animals, and took her mate to the mountains of Switzerland. They spent nearly five years, drinking animal blood, and decided to return to Makenna's family.

Breaking Dawn

"We did not come here for a fight. We came here to witness. And our witness is that this condemned family is innocent." - Makenna, on the Cullens.

First appearing in Breaking Dawn, Makenna and Charles were invited by Renata to serve as witnesses to the Volturi. After confirming the true agenda of the Volturi and the innocence of the Cullen family, they leave shortly after their arrival. After leaving, she and Charles made their first encounter Patrick and Gene, newborn vampires created by Irina who was killed by Caius. Makenna took pity on the two for losing their creator and asked if they wanted to travel together, in which they both accept.

Physical appearance

She is short and thin with black hair and stands at 5'2".