Why somebody deleted my fictional characters?!!!!! There are so many fictional characters, but always deletes my characters! I'm going to cry...

Avatarbender, this is btd100, the guy who deleted your page. It was an accident and I am very sorry that you are sad. I hope you forgive me =) from Btd1000

Yes, I forgive you. I was angry, but now, my mood is better. Sorry, if I make you angry.

No problem!

Hello my name is Phil and i have been the unregistered contributer who has been edited alot on this sight, i even created the special abilities page, ive made alot of hard work

And now, I say, Spikey Cuther is not Spike Cuther jr. And Spikey's special ability is not bad thought sensory! It's bad thought telepathy!

Well it seems a bit random but fine hes got bad thought telepathy, but why Spikey, who the hell calls their son Spikey

But he's Spikey.

But why exactly?

Because, he's like Spike and it's ideal name for him.