Old lady
Helena Avery Witten
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The Dame

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Hair color


Eye color
  • Sparkling Yellow,
  • Red with blue flame when Fury
Skin color
  • White;
  • Wrinkly;
  • Caucasian;
  • Parisian
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Special abilities


  • Temptress

Helena Avery Witten (known as Old Lady Witten) was a ubervamp who is part of The Witten Family. She is also a member of The Order of the Hemingway. Her age is 80, and she doesn't drink animal or human blood.


Born on 1730, her mother Annabeth Witten was turned into a vampire when she died from her pregnancy. Helena was left with her aunt and uncle when he father was killed by a thief. Helena enjoyed spending her life with her aunt and uncle while she was growing up. Walking around town, she stumbled across an old man named David Hemingway who was revealed to be an ubervamp. She thought that he was crazy since he told her that he saw her future. When she turned 24, she married a poet named Sir Hentley Witten. Helena loved him so much until her aunt and uncle died from a terrible illness.

Six years later, she gives birth to a son and names him Lional Witten. Helena always watched her son, and always gets him to avoid danger. When Lional turned 35, she attended her son's wedding when he married a young woman named Mary-Bella Witten. Lional promised that he will visit her mother sometime in the future. But her future didn't come true. Her son and daughter-in-law never came back, knowing that they were turned into vampires. Helena layed down in tears, but her husband always sits down next to her, making her feel better. She realized that she wouldn't live that long until they were old.

Around 1800, Hentley passed away, leaving Helena all alone in her mansion. She wrote down in her diary about her life, and how she never saw her son in years, and meeting this strange old man. Spending ten years in her life, Helena was nearly close to dying until a figure appeared in her room. The figure had a dark cloak, and she never revealed who she was. The cloaked figure offered her a chance to find Lional. She was turned into an ubervamp, and the cloaked figure immediately vanished.

Helena remained alone in the quiet forest where animals run pass her. She didn't take any notice of drinking animal or human blood since she was able to survive without blood. This was when she sees David Hemingway, the man that she saw when she was young. He explained to her of what she is, and asked her to come with him. Helena didn't want to trust him, but she realized that he was the only one who can help her. Crossing through the forest, David takes Helena to an underground cave where she meets several ubervamps that were turned. David explained the story about The Order of the Hemingway, an organization where elderly humans who were turned into these elderly ubervamps. Helena realized that there was no turning back, and she named herself Old Lady Witten.