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March, 2007; Volterra, Italy


Little Missy (by Felix)

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Hair color

Dark Brown

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Special characteristics

Limited vampire abilities

Special abilities

Strength Manipulation


Volturi Guard


Olivia is a beautiful Dhampir and a member of the Volturi. She is the daughter of Felix and a human named Ghita.


The New Life of the Dhampir

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Felix, Olivia's father impregnated her human mother after Breaking Dawn and brought her to a room close to where Alec brought Damien's mother and left her there until the end of the pregnancy. A month later, Felix found her feeding off her mother and brought her to the Volturi where she met Damien, another hybrid and the two quickly became friends. Later two other hybrids were born, Roosus and Julien and she found comfort with the two as well.

Physical appearance

Olivia is described as looking like her father, Felix, but not as muscular. She has high cheekbones and dark brown hair. She also inherited brown eyes from her human mother like all hybrids, and since she is a female hybrid, she cannot produce vemon.

Traits of species

She is immensely beautiful, and her body temperature is slightly higher than a human. Olivia has a rapidly beating heart and veins filled with her own blood. Her hardened skin glows faintly rather than sparkles like diamonds upon exposure to sunlight, which allows her to fit into the human society much better than vampires. However, as a half immortal, she will continue to grow until her full maturity at the age of about seven, and will appear to be about seventeen.

Powers and abilities

Strength manipulation

Olivia possesses the opposite ability of her farther Felix, instead of having greater strength than regular vampires she can make other vampires have greater strength.