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Olympic Coven

The Olympic Coven, more commonly known as the Cullen family, and also known as Cullen Clan, or Cullen Coven, is a coven of vegetarian vampires. It consists of Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Emmett, and Edward Cullen, Rosalie and Jasper Hale.

The Cullens are the second largest and most powerful coven, with only the Volturi ranking higher in number and power.

The Cullens prefer to stay in one place as long as possible, choosing cloudy climates where they can go outside during the day without revealing their inhuman nature. But after 6-7 years, they are forced to move on before their lack of aging is noticed. They own several residences so that they can return to places they have especially enjoyed—but only after enough time has passed that they won't be recognized as the same people who once lived there. They currently live in Forks, Washington, which they have no plans of leaving, unless forced to.

Each member maintains several well-tended identities, complete with documents to support them, which allows the Cullens to establish themselves in new locations as necessary.

Each time the Cullens move to a new place, the relationships they claim to share with one another may shift, too. In one place, two members might pose as father and adopted son, in another, brothers, or uncle and nephew. Regardless, the bonds of love and respect between them are the same.


Early Life

Carlisle Cullen:

Olympic Coven Leader

Born in 1640 in London, England, Carlisle Cullen is the founder of the Olympic coven. Between 1665-1666, the Great Plague of London occurred. It killed roughly 100,000 people. At the time, people believed that mythical creatures were responsible for the deaths. He was tasked by his father to hunt evil creatures. He was able to locate a real coven of vampires living and was bitten by one of them when he led a mob to kill them. Horrified when he realize he was now a vampire, he tried to kill himself. During one of his suicide attempts, a coven of three female vampires (Tanya, Kate, and Irina) found him. From them, he learned that he could survive on the blood of animals.

After he gain control over his bloodlust, he traveled around Europe and eventually met the Volturi. After staying with them for two decades, he left because he was unwilling to feed on humans, which they endlessly attempted to entice him to. He eventually moved to the United States, and became a doctor.

Edward Anthony Masen Jr:

Edward-306801 429619783747920 1537716435 n.jpg

Born in 1901 Chicago, Illinois to Elizabeth and Edward Masen Sr. In September of 1918, Edward along with his parents were hospitalize with the Spanish Influenza. Both his parents' died from it but Carlisle who was working nights at the hospital, turned after his mother's pleads to save her son before her death. By changing Edward, the Olympic coven was formed. Carlisle realized Edward's power soon after his transformation. They began to travel together, using the cover story of Edward being the younger brother of Carlisle's late wife.

Between 1925 to 1931, Edward left the Esme and Carlisle to live like a traditional vampire, but only feeding on the worst people in society. Over time, his guilt over killing became too much and he returned to his family and drink animal blood again.

Esme Anne Platt:

Esme Cullen.jpg

Born in 1895, Columbus, Ohio. In 1911, Carlisle treated sixteen year old Esme's broken leg. This encounter greatly impacted Esme and inspired her to become a nurse. When her parents tried to force her to marry family friend, she joined the war effort and went overseas to help in WWI. Nearing the end of the war, Esme was gravely injured and saved by vampire Garrett.

After returning to America with her sire Garrett, they met Carlisle and Edward. Now a vampire, Esme and Carlisle experience the mating pull. Parting ways with her sire, she joined Carlisle and Edward. Carlisle and Esme fell in love and got married.

Emmett McCarty:

Emmett Cullen.jpg

Born in Tennessee 1905. In 1925, Esme found Emmett dying from being attacked by a bear. He looked so much like a soldier she cared for during WWI who unfortunately died along with missing Edward, she carried him to Carlisle to change into a vampire. She later found out that he was the younger brother of that soldier. After leaving a small fortune for his human family, Emmett never looked back.

Rosalie Hale:

Rosalie Hale.jpg

Born in New York in 1911. During the summer of 1929, Rosalie was heading home a week before her wedding when encountered her fiancé and his friends, who were all drunk. They attacked her but she was able to get away and ran into Carlisle. He got her safely away but her wounds were too severe for him to treat and he decided to change her. After getting revenge on her fiancé and his friends, Rosalie joined their family in order to avoid loneliness and because Emmett was her mate.

Jasper Whitlock and Mary-Alice Brandon:

Jasper Hale.jpg
Alice Cullen.jpg

Born 1846 in Houston, Texas. Jasper joined the confederate army at the age of 14 and was promoted to the rank of major. In 1865 at the age of 19, he encountered three female vampires: Maria, Lucy and Nettie. Maria turned him into a vampire in hopes of utilizing his training and experience to create an efficient newborn army.

In 1926, he escaped Maria's army with the help of Peter.

Born 1901 in Mississippi. In 1920, Alice was institutionalized by her father to conceal his part in the murder of his wife. A vampire working at the asylum turned Alice to save her from James but he lost his life doing so. The combination of the electroshock treatments and her transformation into a vampire erased her human members. When she woke up alone as a vampire, her first vision was of Jasper Whitlock becoming her mate and of a happy future with the Cullen family.

In 1928, Alice and Jasper met. They joined the Cullens in 1930. A year before Edward's return.

In 1936, the Cullens moved to Hoquiam, WA at town a few hours south of Forks. They ran into a pack of shape-shifters led by Ephraim Black. The two groups signed a treaty, agreeing to a truce as long as the Cullens lived there. The Cullen family moved away not long after this.

Shortly before moving to Forks, they lived in Denali, Alaska with the Denali Coven.



Six months after moving to Forks, Edward fell in love with a young 17-year old human girl named Isabella Marie Swan, who shared his feelings. Edward found Bella interesting in two ways: first, she was completely immune to his power of telepathy; and second, her blood appealed to him in a way no human had ever had. The entire family worried about the safety of their secret after Edward saved Bella from being crushed by a van, which inadvertently exposed his inhuman strength and invulnerability. But most of them learned to cope when Edward and Bella become romantically involved. Bella found out about the family being vampires and accepted them in stride. Though she wasn't part of the family, everyone but Rosalie and Jasper accepted her as one of them.

Another vampire coven came to Forks that summer, and the leader, James, decided to hunt Bella for sport, with help from his mate, Victoria. After a hectic chase and close call, the Cullens killed James and saved her. Soon after this, the Cullens became aware that a new pack of wolves, led by Sam Uley, had taken the place of Ephraim's. The truce between vampires and wolves was kept in place.