Raoul's coven
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Seattle, Washington

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Seattle newborn army

Raoul's coven are a group of vampires that serve Victoria's Newborn army from Seattle. There are more then eight members including Raoul that are part of the coven. Most of the members were killed by the Cullens and the La Push shape-shifters during the battle


Raoul had started his small coven within the army, his power to gain superiority over weak minded underlings made it easy to gain coven members, his first target was a newborn named Victor, but he was killed by Kristie, another group leader. When the newborns Kevin, Steve and Casey ('Spiderman') were brough into the army, Raoul 'recruited' them quickly. Raoul lost control over manipulating Steve when he met his mate Shelly, and they both escaped the army together, but Kevin and Casey were less in control then Steve was, so Raoul could still affect them. It is unknown if Raoul had more members under his control, but he might have killed the other newborns before they had a chance to 'join' him

Raoul, Kevin, Casey and possible other members had participated in the battle against the Cullen family and the Shapeshifters of La Push, they were easily overwhelmed and killed

Members of the Coven