Remy liebe
Remy Black Liebe
Biographical information

2028 - 2030

Physical description

Vampire-shapeshifter hybrid



Hair color

Dirty Blond

Eye color
  • Teal (darker with thirst)
  • Golden (as wolf)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampiric skills
  • Basic shapeshifter skills
  • Multi-shock



Remy is the son of Lucas Liebe and Libby Black. He is a Vampire-shapeshifter hybrid.

Physical Description

Remy takes most of his appearance from his dad. He has dirty blonde hair and pale skin. He has teal eyes,( like his fathers eyes when he was human) but like most vampires, his eyes will become darker as he gets thirstier, going from teal to dark navy blue. He ages at the same rate a mortal would. When he is in sunlight, unlike real vampire's, he dimly glow's instead of sparkle's. His wolf form had white fur as a baby, which later turned dirty blonde like his real hair, and golden eye's, due to his diet of animal blood. It is stated by many characters that he is twice as beautiful as any normal vampire.

Special Talents

Remy, being a cross of a vampire and shapeshifter, has the ability's of both vampire's (super strength, speed, enhanced senses, immortality, etc) and shapeshifter's (regeneration, super speed, wolf form, etc.). But, because he is a hybrid of two extremely strong species, he is more powerful then some newborn vampires, even in human form.


Remy's ability is, in a way, a lesser combination of his parent's. His power is to shock any person he feel's a threat. Although, unlike his father, he doesn't physically shock them, the opponent only feel's like they are being shocked. But, like his mother, he can do this to multiple people at a time. Because this is a mental ability, it will not affect Bella's shield.

Wolf Form

Like all shapeshifters, Remy has the ability to change into a wolf

Remy's wolf form

form. When he's in wolf form, his fur is the same dirty blond as his hair, but his eye's turn a glowing red, despite to his diet of animal blood. And like all other shapeshifters, he also has the ability to communicate telepathically with other shapeshifter's. But his ability is to greater extent, as he can communicate with both shapeshifters and vampires, due to being a mix of the two.


  • Remy is french meaning 'from rheims'


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