Romeo Wolfe is Australian nomad. He don't have any special ability, but he's happy. His favourite color is black and he wants to be a police officer, but he can't have this job never, because he's just thirteen years old.

1. Year

At his first year, Romeo was attacked by werewolf, so he turned to a werewolf. Romeo taked a man and a woman at Werewolf Village to his father and mother. He's new parents was good and they loved him, but something went wrong...

2. Year

Romeo had very good life. He turns to a werewolf every full moon and kills many people.

3. Year

At third year, Romeo ran away, because his parents got a new baby, Buddy Wolfe. Romeo made a good home to a street named Vampire Street. Then he lived there 10 year, eated what he had and changed every full moon. He was smart, because werewolves are good thinkers.

13. Year

At one day, what was very cold and dark, he went home. At this time, he has found his mother... He asked, can he go to he's friend Ray. Mom said: "Yes, but come home at 9:00!"

But at half way to home he heard something. "Who's there?" he asked. No one answered. He turned around. He knew that something wasn't right. He heard something again and ran to his father's old boat. "Who are you?" he asked. Nobody answered. He took knife at table. Then something sharp cut his hand. And then he turned into a vampire.