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Russian Coven
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Russia, Eurasia

  • Cherished ones (by Gabriel)
  • Russians (by Renesmee)
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  • Boris: Russian Ambassador (vampire life)
  • Nathaniel: Trap maker (human life)
  • Sushard: Manufacturer (human life)
  • Joseph: Soviet Officer (human life)

The Russian Coven is a coven of vampires located in Russia. Ilsa is the leader


Isla was one of the first vampires that Gabriel turned and had served in the British coven for many years, Gabriel kept a close eye on her and found her very caring for people, especially the humans she would feed off and most of all independent. Gabriel decided that Ilsa could create a coven in Russia while he was busy putting his coven, several sectors around London.


  • Ilsa: Leader of the Russian coven and the mate of Boris. She has the power to trap people within their own minds. she is careful, understanding and considerate.
  • Boris: Ilsa's mate. he doesn't possess any special gift. He doesn't speak much, but can be mildly humourous when he does. He used to be the Russian Emassador before he found Ilsa.
  • Nathaniel: Teresea's mate. The tracker of the coven with the power of Tracking Allurance, his mate is Teresea, another gifted vampire.
  • Sushard: A respected member of the coven with the power of Astral Projection.
  • Vincent: Stubborn member of the coven. He possesses the power of Pain Deprivation. He is the mate of Teresea, but they later separated and found other mates.
  • Surčin: Member of the coven with the power of Superiority Impotence.
  • Teresea: Nathaniel's mate.

Former Members