Ryan was a vampire nomad who roamed alone in North America. He is not vegetarian, and feeds on human blood.


During the Civil War, Ryan was turned into a vampire and added into Maria's newborn army. Ryan enjoyed to train with Jasper, but every time, he keeps getting beaten. At night, Ryan heard Jasper and Maria speak. After knwoing that that the leader of the army was planning to exterminate the newborns, Ryan escaped and traveled far away in order to get away. He was upset that Jasper stood against him, and swore vengeance against him.


When the Cullens left Forks, Ryan followed them to Los Angeles in order to kill Jasper. In the city, Ryan ambushed Jasper, and fought him swiftly. Jasper tried to explain to him that he never meant this, but Ryan didn't believe him. He was later killed by Alice when the young vampire was about to finish Jasper.


Ryan is portrayed by Cainan Wiebe in the Eclipse film.