The Story

I was at the forest looking for my way, because I was lost. Then, a wolf came along chasing me. I ran as fast as I could. I tripped and fell. Then, the wolf turned into a human. His name was Seth Clearwater.

"My name is Lea (Can't say my last name in the wiki)"

"Cool I have a sister named Leah but with an H"

"Well then you can call me Leann(Lee-Ann), since my middle name is Antonette"

He imprinted on me. I was in love with him, too. He told me to go to La Push. There, I met his sister Leah, and all of his wolf friends. Seth and I did everything together. But one day, I got really sick and almost died. Seth took me to Edward Cullen's house. There was a doctor named Carlisle, but he was away hunting. Seth talked to Edward and forced him to change me. So he did. Three days later my throat was burning. I recognized I had the power to have all the powers and create new ones. I was happy with Seth forever. And, I owed Edward my life.