Taj Mahal Coven
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Taj Mahal, India

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Erik: Ability Redirection

"The wierdest group of vampires i met was the Taj Mahal coven. Only a few of them were actually indian, I could see some were european, some others were american and meican I guess."
—Renesmee on the coven

The Taj Mahal Coven is a coven located in India. This coven consists of half-vegeterian vampires. Some vampires in Taj Mahal coven are vegeterians, some are not. The Taj Mahal coven consists of 6 members. The coven works works with first and second members, the first being most improtant due to their talents and second who are not as important as the first and hold little potential. They wanted their coven to seem impressive, with high towers and buildings based around their coven with a huge population of humans to feed on. there are more vampires who migrated from Bengal.

in 1800's the Three Immortal kings ruled Bengal, they were called Pala's, they ruled there for 300 years after that people started to notice them, and said that they don't want to be ruled by the Pala's left Bengal.....and they migrated from there and came to other part of India....their generation is still alive....and they are now known by Pal's... there are other humans who have their last name as Pal's...but when you will se a real Pal (vampire), you will get to know is he a vampire or a normal human.


  • Erik Mikkus
  • Jasmine "Jaci" Woods - Temperature manipulation
  • Maxine Treshold - Paralyzing
  • Rico Bondretti
  • Blake Stone
  • Prince Pal