I have a message for Laura Clarke I will write fanfiction but on candidates for deletion and I will have them on the twilight fanfiction fanon and Jacob's younger brother Lewis black imprinted on davina claire now they are having twin girls Scott and aria are having a boy Izzy and Kane are having a boy tyler lockwood and brook Davis having twin girls Agnes is brought back from the dead by voturi after learning that Rebekah mikaelson and Ezra are having a prime original hybrid because of this agnes is brought back Victoria argent to kill kane and Izzy unborn child so the Olympic nation is to protect the mothers to be angus is working with the Volturi to kill Jacob Black and Rose hathaway So eiljah Mikaelson and Simon ford head out to face angus spencer and derek along with Jacob and rose went to stop ages as hanna and Stiles went with Chris to put Victoria argent in werewolf jail this is also we see tamal julien jacan sydney sage dacia chen noel Alissa Loana Roman emry grau fania Talia Lucas Julie roosus noel kai salim are helping Jacob Black pack kai imprint on renesmee and he did not died bit refuses to follow up with anges plans so he reverse on Bianchi who was deep sleep bound to they have an can tell more what happened you have to find out in my fanfiction.