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Twilight Timeline (This is for my upcoming fanfic so the dates/events don't strictly follow canon.)

2500 BC

  • Egyptian Coven was formed.

1400 – 1200 BC

  • Volturi Coven was formed.

1000 BC

  • Romanian Coven was formed.

400 – 500 AD

  • Volturi Coven defeats the Romanian Coven and becoming the ruling body.

600 AD

  • Volturi Coven defeats the Egyptian Coven. 

1000 AD

  • Plague of the Immortal children.
  • Tanya, Kate and Irina are turned.

1640 AD

  • Carlisle Cullen is born in London, England. 

1659-1662 AD

  • Carlisle marries and has two children.

1665-66 AD

  • The Great Plague of London occurs.
  • Carlisle's father, wife and two children dies from the plague.
  • Carlisle is turned into a vampire.


  • Carlisle encounters the Denali Coven who teach him how to survive on animal blood

1700 – 1720 AD

  • Carlisle travels to Italy and spends twenty years with the time with Volturi.

1720 AD

  • Carlisle travels to the New World (North America).

1781 AD

  • Carlisle meets Garrett during the Siege of Yorktown during the American Revolutionary War.

1820 – 1830 AD

  • First Southern Vampire Wars. A vampire named Benito creates the first army of newborns which started the Southern Vampire Wars. Eventually, the Volturi got wind of this. They executed Benito and others. They spend a year cleaning up this mess.

1840 AD

  • Second Southern Vampire Wars breaks out.

1842 AD

  • Peter is born in Laredo, Texas.

1846 AD

  • Jasper Whitlock born in Houston, Texas.

1861 AD

  • The American Civil War breaks out. At 14, Jasper joins the Confederate Army and eventually earning the rank of Major.
  • Peter joins the Confederate Army.

1865 AD

  • Jasper is turned into a vampire by a woman named Maria.

1870 AD

  • Peter is turned into a by vampire by Maria. Before his year is up, Peter becomes Jasper's right-hand man and is allowed to live.

1895 AD

  • Esme Cullen is born in Columbus, Ohio.

1901 AD

  • Edward Cullen is born in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Alice Cullen is born in Biloxi, Mississippi.

1905 AD

  • Emmett is born in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

1911 AD

  • Inspired by Florence Nightingale, Esme becomes a nurse.
  • Carlisle moves to Chicago, Illinois.
  • Rosalie Hale is born in Rochester, New York.

1917 AD

  • Esme joins the war effort as a nurse working for military hospitals overseas during WWI to avoid an arrange marriage.

1918 AD

  • Carlisle works as a physician in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Carlisle turns Edward into a vampire.
  • Esme is turned into a vampire in Europe at the end of WWII.
  • Alice is placed into a mental asylum.

1920 AD

  • Alice turned into a vampire by a worker at the mental asylum.
  • Peter and Charlotte escape Maria's army.
  • Esme meets Carlisle for the first time and discover that they are mates.  

1923--1927 AD

  • Edward leaves Carlisle and Esme to live like a real vampire. Eventually, he returns because he could no longer take human lives.

1923 AD

  • Carlisle and Esme relocate to Tennessee.
  • Emmett found by Esme after a bear attack.  She brings him to Carlisle and he is changed into a vampire.
  • Jasper escapes Maria's Army with Peter's help.

1928 AD

  • Jasper part ways with Peter and Charlotte. He meets his mate Alice.

1929 AD

  • Rosalie is turned into a vampire by Carlisle after he found her dying after escaping a brutal attack by her fiance Royce King and his friends.
  • Rosalie kills Royce and his friends that attacked her shortly after she is turned.
  • Rosalie and Emmett discover they are mates.

1930 AD

  • Alice and Jasper join the Cullens family to be vegetarian vampires.

1931 AD

  • Edward returns.

1936 AD

  • Cullens move to an area south of Forks called Hoquiam.
  • They make a treaty to stay off the Quileute lands and leave not long afterwards.

1983 AD

  • Emily Young is born.
  • Rachel and Rebecca Black are born.

1985 AD

  • April--- Fred Tanner is born.

1986 AD

  • Leah Clearwater, Sam Uley, Jared Cameron, Paul Lahote, and Kim are born.
  • October 8--- Riley Biers is born.
  • November 18--- Diego is born.

1987 AD


  • 13th --- Bella Swan is born.

1988 AD

  • Renee leaves Charlie and takes Bella to California to live with her mother.
  • Embry Call is born.

1989 AD

  • Jacob Black is born.
  • Quil Ateara V is born.

1990 AD

  • March 11--- Bree Tanner is born.
  • Erica Tanner is killed by her a distracted driver.

1992 AD

  • Seth Clearwater is born.

1999 AD

  • Marie Higginbotham dies.
  • Sarah Black dies
  • Renee and Bella move to Phoenix, AZ. 

2001 AD

  • Fred Tanner, Emily, Rachel and Rebecca graduates from high school.
  • Eric Tanner is a casualty of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the twin towers.
  • Fred Tanner gets into contact with his uncle and cousin. He moves to California to attend Stanford.

2002-2004 AD

  • Bella decides to no longer visit her father in Forks but instead they spend the summer in California.
  • Cullens moves to Forks.
  • Sam and Leah begin dating.

2004 AD

  • Sam, Jared and Paul phases.
  • Jared imprints on Kim.
  • The Cullens reestablish the truce with the new pack.


  • Emily graduates from College.
  • Sam imprints on Emily at graduation party.


  • Leah catches Sam and Emily together. They break up.
  • Emily is seriously injured and disfigured by a bear in the woods.


  • Leah leaves for college in Seattle.


  • Leah meets Donald Tanner who proposes a marriage of convenience to keep his daughter Bree Tanner out of the foster system.
  • Leah goes home for Thanksgiving and sees her family accepting Sam's relationship with Emily. They want her to get over the betrayal.
  • Leah accepts Donald's proposal.


  • Leah marries Donald and becomes Bree's guardian.

2005 AD


  • Bella Swan moves to Forks.


  •  Bella Swan and Edward Cullen start dating.
  • James' Coven attacks the Cullens during Spring Break.


  • Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett graduate high school.
  • Fred graduates from Stanford.


  • Donald Tanner dies.
  • Fred travels to Seattle for his Uncle's funeral and meets Leah.
  • Fred moves to Seattle to be close to his cousin.


  • The Cullens leave Forks and Bella falls into a deep depression.


  • With Harry not taking his heart issues seriously, she convinces Leah to return home to convince him to seek treatment.
  • Bree and Fred spend Christmas with the Clearwaters.
  • Leah, Bree and Fred befriends Bella.
  • Embry phases.



  • Victoria goes to Forks only to be chased off by the Uley pack before she could catch the scent of Bella or the Cullens.
  • Jacob phases.
  • Quil phases.


  • Victoria sends Laurent to Forks to see if the Cullens are still in Forks.
  • Laurent is killed by the Uley Pack before he could he inform Victoria that the Cullens are gone.
  • Alice has a vision of a red-eyed Laurent stalking Bella.
  • Cullens return to Forks.
  • Harry has a heart attack.
  • Seth Phases.
  • Leah returns to home to look after her father with Bree.
  • Bree enrolls into Forks High School for her last few months of High School.


  • Victoria turns Riley Biers.


  • Bree, Bella, Alice and Edward graduate from high school.