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Ukraine Coven
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The Ukraine Coven are a Coven of five, until Doroata left, vampires living somewhere in Ukraine. Kottke is the leader of the coven, and the creator of both Wyvern and Sinéad


The Ukraine coven was formed some time in the 1400's, and has been companions with the Russian coven ever since, and most likely the British Coven through them. All members were born in Ukraine. Close to the 1800's, the coven came under attack from the Polish Coven, led by Khaled. The coven was small at that time and Kottke managed to kill a few of the vampires along with Wyvern and his gift. Sinéad currently knows where Khaled is thanks to his gift

  • Breha: Breha was born sometime before 350 BC
  • Wyvern: Wyvern (original name: Nazariy), was born in a remote villiage in 1647. He was accused of witchcraft because of his gift to control the weather, and his towns people tried to drown him in a nearby lake. Kottke found him and turned him soon after.
  • Sinéad: Sinéad grew up on his own, travellng across Ukraine until he was 16. Even as a human he was a skilled tracker, skilled enough to follow Kottke. Kottke was fascinated with his talent to have found her.



The Ukraine coven's rivalry with the Polish Coven mirrors the one year comflict between Poland and Ukraine from 1918-1919