A vegetarian is a vampire who subsists on animal rather than human blood. The term was adopted by the Cullen family, so that they could refer to their unnatural diet in a civilized fashion. Being a vegetarian is very uncommon among vampires, and the majority consider it somewhat unusual; the only two covens consistently showing this diet are the Olympic and the Danali covens. Nevertheless, being a vegetarian allows vampires to live among humans with little or no detection, even though it can only be accomplished in regions with ample animal populations. In some cases, such vampires can live not as a coven but as a family as their needs do not always drive them to kill. Due to chemical differences within the blood, vegetarians have golden rather than red eyes. The vegetarian diet, however, is much less appealing than human blood. Edward Cullen states that "It's like a human only living on tofu, it keeps you strong, but you're never fully satisfied".